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Commitment to Sustainability

Our pledge to the environment is built on the foundation of ethical and sustainable operating practices, particularly focusing on the use and waste of scarce natural resources. We believe in the importance of focusing on the 3 R’s of sustainability: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”


Gravitas Packaging collaborates with our customers on their product specifications and performance standards. Our goal is to identify opportunities to reduce the use of depleting resources while still meeting international safety standards and delivering high quality results.


In line with our Seal of Quality, Gravitas Packaging identifies opportunities to reuse materials which are still in optimal conditions and can safely be reused for non-food application. This procedure allows us to extend the lifespan of our products and utilize them in innovative ways.


In order to reduce the use of virgin materials as well as the energy and cost associated with their processing, Gravitas Packaging collaborates with local and regional recyclers, to recycle plastics in rigid and textile forms. If not cross-contaminated, these products can be processed, washed, and made into regrind resins for use in new non-food product applications.

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