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FIBC Bulk Bags

What are Bulk Bags?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers or FIBCs for short are made of woven polypropylene with lifting straps that allow the container to be filled from the top and discharged from the bottom.

Types of FIBC Bulk Bags

Also known as ton bags, Bulk Bags, big bags, super sacks, or jumbo bags, Gravitas Packaging manufactures and supplies every style and type of this bag. FIBC bag styles include 4-Panel Bags, U Panel Bags, Circular Bags and Baffled Bags.

4-Panel Bags

A 4 Panel Bulk Bag is constructed from 4 separate fabric panels, which are stitched together at the edges to form a box. A separate sheet of fabric is used to make the square bottom of the bag.

U-Panel Bags

U-Panel Bulk Bags consist of a large “U” piece of fabric with 2 side panels sewn to each of the opposite sides. A U-Panel Bag will maintain a square shape when filled, especially if it has baffles. U-Panel Bags offer high safe working load (SWL) and solid durability.

Circular, Seamless or Tube Bags

Circular Fibc bulk bags are a good alternative to 4-Panel Bags. They are made from fabric woven on a circular loom and cut to a specified bag height. This eliminates the need for vertical seems. The tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials. They are circular in name only and will take a regular “square” shape when filled with product.

Baffled Bags

Baffled Bulk Bags are typically 4-Panel or U-Panel Bags that employ internal fabric baffles to improve the bag’s squareness and stability. These bags are designed to maximize storage and shipping space.

Examples for the use of FIBC Bags

Material Motion offers:

Gravitas Packaging the Fibc bags manufacturers fully customized Fibc Bulk bag to meet your specific requirements. Customizable features include: Height, diameter, coated or uncoated fabric and length of the container and spouts. Whether a polyethylene liner is necessary will be determined by the type of product that you wish to package. Our bag liners are available in a variety of types and styles.

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